Coming friday the 13th of October

TOn select nights from October 13th through November 5th, 2017, Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods transforms into the ultimate Halloween event. The park comes alive with horrifying mutant sideshow freaks, demented clowns, escaped circus animals and so much more. Halloween will never be the same.


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With over 20 years of experience producing festivals and fright, nobody creates a creepier Halloween Party. Explore the Menacing Midway, complete with twisted games and prizes, sample frightful foods and spine-chilling cocktails, all while local bands and DJs keep you in the Halloween mood. The party isn’t complete though until you make your way through the multiple scare zones of the Abandoned Circus in the woods. Its dark, its creepy, and the things that live in the woods are waiting to eat meet you!

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The Show

In the Fall of 1917, the area now known as Merriweather Post Pavilion was home to a thriving amusement park filled with smiling clowns and majestic circus animals. Unfortunately that same year, the Amusement Park’s owner, Mr. Archibald Evil, died suddenly and left the amusement park to wither and rot. As the brutal winter approached, once happy animals and performers sought shelter in the woods and were never seen again. Now, 100 years later in the hollowed grounds where Archibald died, his amusement park has come back…and they are dying to do one last show! Welcome to CarnEVIL at Merriweather Park. Hold on for your life, the performance is about to begin.


carnevil dates

The first available trip into the Abandoned Circus for EACH evening is a “kid friendly” show. Kid friendly means no live actors and no animatronics will be used. It also means there will be no abductions, human sacrifices, fire breathing dragons, monsters under the bed or guest appearances by the boogey man. We strive to make our kid friendly experience as least scary as possible, but understand, this is a creepy CarnEVIL themed Halloween attraction. Use your best judgement as the adult.