Sam Quick

I would like to propose an idea of a "Lyric Garden" as an addition to the park plan. I am wondering if and how I could present my idea. I have developed my idea into a presentation and would like to share it. (Link to presentation here.)

What I would like to propose is a poetry garden dedicated to the words/lyrics of songs and music. What I envision as being part of the Caterpillar is an area where the potted plants are replaced with metallic plates engraved with lyrics from songs, poems, literature, and possibly famous quotes.  These plates would then be lit up at night with the rest of the Caterpillar so people would be able to read them in the evening as well. This section of the park would be a more meditative section where people could come and enjoy their favorite lines from the lyrical arts.  

There could be even be a small place where people could recite poetry whether it be original or old.  It also be a place to quietly read or read aloud books including children's book; "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" for instance. It could serve as an outdoor poetry cafe for adults or an outdoor story time for young children. The Chrysalis seems to be a place for medium to large sized venues so I feel that there is a need for smaller intimate gatherings.  It reminds me of an idealic Renaissance picture of a person reciting poetry in a forest while others gather to listen.

This idea would be expanding the Word Art section of the park but would also tie into the street names that Columbia is made of.  Since the majority of the street names have a root in literature I think this would be an important legacy to emphasis and pass on.I really like this idea and I think people in Columbia would appreciate a portion of the park that is a little more personal and intimate. It reminds me of the bricks with people's names under the People Tree.  I am sure there could be issues of copyright though.