The 53: Design Advisory Panel Submits to Inner Arbor Badassery!!! 

Wednesday, the force of badass landscape archiecture urban planning that promises to, if ever built, absolutely F up the Eastern seaboard with its beauty and awesomeness sauntered casually into the meeting of the Howard County Design Advisory Panel. I understand from a well-placed source that the Inner Arbor Plan itself whispered to Inner Arbor Trust President Michael McCall, "I'm gonna blow this meeting away. This panel's not even a pimple on my butt."

Luke Lavoie chronicled the whooping in this article. Review the width of the entrance? OK, gotcha, Design Advisory Panel guy. Nevertheless, the plan was approved unanimously, which now means that the Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning next faces the plan in the next month or two.

But really, what is DPZ going to offer? "Uh, no, don't put the big community table with plant life growing out of it here, put it here instead? And that 'chrysalis' thing? Can it be referred to as 'cocoon' instead?" Because like a dozen of the best landscape architects in the world don't know as much as our own DPZ.

Child, please. Inner Arbor's got it all going on and has the momentum of the community and clarity of purpose behind it. Anybody can nitpick anything about anything and I'd be shocked if DPZ didn't engage in nitpickery, but ultimately, all DPZ can do is approve. There is no alternative.

And so the Inner Arbor plan, the first, great project of Columbia redevelopment, moves forward. As it should. As it must.

Happy National Banana Cream Pie Day! And Happy National Dr. Seuss Day! Seuss also had awesomeness enough to bust slobs and split wigs. Just like the Inner Arbor.

Let's be careful out there.