Symphony Woods/Welcoming Change

Letter to the Editor

Re: Symphony Woods/Welcoming Change

From: Rhoda Toback 

An iconic photograph at The Columbia Archives, of the Howard Research and Development pioneering team, captures the image of middle aged men in white shirts framing 14,100 acres of acquired farmland for development. That was 1964. The dawn of Columbia and new vision. 

As a result of new vision, for nearly half a century we have been environmentally buoyed by lakes, open space and parklands to partake at our leisure and pleasure. And in most any direction one can find slices of pristine havens and assets to play or be in the great outdoors. 

While we have converged from rolling acreage to a planned city 100,000 strong, from the still of dirt and grass to the din of concrete and steel, today the Inner Arbor Trust has framed futurist development for Symphony Woods. A team of globally renowned forward thinking GenX architects and planners have designed a plan with the 21st century in mind. The IA will smartly infuse non-traditional recreational, artistic, cultural and business centers of prosperity for current and future Columbians. And we need to think differently about downtown and change to get there.

By contrast to our transformative origins the IAT poses a conundrum; it bumps against generational acceptance to changes beyond the 1960’s imagineering radar. We are in the technical Millennial era of lifestyle needs and societal interests. And yes, we need to think differently to get there.


Rhoda Toback

Wilde LakeColumbia, Maryland