The Beginning is the End is the Beginning 

The 53 Beers on Tap blog by Bill Woodcock

I think I may have entitled another blog post this sometime in my life. Not sure. Anyway, this isn't simply the song by The Smashing Pumpkins, but how I feel about this Wednesday as I settle down for the night and reflect upon it.

I want to thank all the supporters of the Inner Arbor for coming out tonight. Jason and Julia and Alice and Trevor and Frank and Harry and Bob and Ian and Nina and Chris and Cherie and everyone else I missed. Supporters of the plan to reenergize Symphony Woods for generations of current and future Columbians to enjoy spoke well, passionately, and with conviction.

And although there were some wet blankets in the crowd, some who believe in the fear and who refuse to accept vision, who refuse to pass along the great gifts they were given to future generations-- well, we expected this. And we were cool with that. We had a job to do and we did it well. We gave the other fella hell! Hey, that sounds like lyrics from this classic!

And tonight, I started to feel a real community discussion happening in Columbia. I started to feel like it was a fair fight at last. And that everyone who should be represented, who could be represented, was represented. As I said, the thousands of Columbians and Howard Countians who were coming home from work, fixing dinner, still working, running errands and at their kids' events were being heard. That was powerful. And that was awesome.

Maybe it was just my wishful thinking, but I also sensed that when the bullies got punched in the nose, that they were stunned. And they backed away a little bit. Which is what bullies do. Oh, I'm sure they'll be back, and like sandpeople, in greater numbers. So will we.

We did good tonight, folks. A real confidence builder. Let's keep it up! Forward Columbia!

Thursday is Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day. Not sure why anyone would do such a thing, but OK.

Let's be careful out there, #ColumbiaMD