Personalize one plank

Personalize one plank

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  1. The Inner Arbor Trust reserves all rights to disallow any proposed text for engraving, which in its sole discretion, may be offensive, commercial or otherwise inappropriate.

  2. The Inner Arbor Trust reserves all rights as to the specific placement of the engraved planks on the floor of the Chrysalis. The Trust will notify each donor as to the location of thier engraving.

  3. This is solely a solicitation for a charitable donation. No goods are being sold.

  4. While Ipe ironwood is extremely hard and long lasting (usually decades), it is a natural, organic material subject to changes in color, and eventual decline. As such, the Inner Arbor Trust makes no warranty, explicit or implied, as to the condition or the duration of the engraved planks.

  5. All donations are contributed freely and are permanently.