Pressing The Point

County Executive Ken Ulman thanks County Council Members Calvin Ball, Courtney Watson, Jen Terrasa, Greg Fox, and Mary Kay Sigaty for their $10 Million support of Merriweather's renovations. Musician Jack Johnson (middle), who loves playing at the renowned venue, supports the improvements to the Pavilion, which will be environmentally friendly.

Left to right: Musician Jack Johnson, County Executive Ken Ulman  & Merriweather operator Seth Hurwitz announce Merriweather renovations (photo credit Chuck Bubeck)

Washington's all news CBS radio station, WNEW 99.1,  interviews Michael McCall on Feb. 27, 2014

If we learned anything from the legacy of Columbia founder Jim Rouse, it is to dream big, to push boundaries and to innovate. The practical can come later. With this in mind, we find ourselves drawn to the Inner Arbor Trust’s plans for Symphony Woods...No one could have imagined something so simple in concept yet so grand in scale.
— Baltimore Sun Editorial, December 4, 2013
This project is more about insertions than major changes,” Schwartz said on a phone interview from Germany. “Those trees are the most important thing of the site. It’s about protecting that forest and making the experience more vivid and varied.
— Inner Arbor Hires landscape designer for Symphony Woods, by Luke Lavoie, Baltimore Sun, 11/4/13