Stage ◆ Pavilion ◆ Sculpture

Down the gently sloping hill from the Merriweather VIP Parking, under the majestic and comforting canopy of trees, sits the extraordinary site for the extraordinary Chrysalis. Living up to Howard County's mandate for a "new kind of cultural park, where the landscape becomes a setting for arts, cultural and civic uses," the approved design for Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods is filled with functional art, beautiful designs that delight as they serve. 

As the first of these designs to be built, the Chrysalis is a shining example of hardworking art. The 5,000 square foot structure is a very capable Stage. In fact, it is two stages with the Alpha Stage proscenium for larger productions, and the Beta Stage proscenium, with a thrust stage, for smaller events. Both stages work off of the same wood deck floor, and they can be used in combination for festival events, as they share the hillside for lawn seating.

The Chrysalis is also a Pavilion for public ad hoc gatherings, such as picnics, and private planned functions from family reunions to weddings. As a pavilion, the Chrysalis can also be a seated venue for 400 guests, perfect for small musical performances, poetry readings and artist "meet & greets.”

Everyday the Chrysalis is an urban-scale Sculpture, nestled into the woods. The iconic sculpture is "alive" in dynamic, organic form, where no line stands still, but flows in highly calculated serendipity. The Chrysalis is the fusion of beautiful form and pure function that captures our fascination with this intrinsic balance in nature, while celebrating our collective spirt.

The Chrysalis Stage, Pavilion & Sculpture (right) is found on a gentle hill, opposite of the future Butterfly (left) guest services building.