The Making of The Trust

History is never smooth or even. It goes in fits and starts, yet always progressing forward with an often imperceptible trend, a subtle, potent vector toward the future. The history of Merriweather Park can only be written in a decade or two, as work has just begun.

However, the birth of the Inner Arbor Trust on May 10, 2013, has a legacy that begins years earlier. The full tale of this odyssey is chockablock with heroes – true community patriots – who nurtured the circumstances for success, for the opportunity to develop the extraordinary and sacred ground that is Symphony Woods, in an extraordinary way.

Because of the visionary leadership of the Columbia Association President and Board of Directors, the committed advocacy of the Howard County Executive and County Council, and the personal and passionate support of hundreds more, the Inner Arbor Trust has both a tremendous gift and responsibility, for which we are both grateful and humbled.